The role and the function of media and its social influence

The media plays a big role in every person’s life. They “appeal to the individual in the aggregate of her social roles as a citizen, and a family man, a representative of society as a whole, and a resident of a particular district. The content of the media covers all aspects of a person’s connections with society and its subsystems, all areas of social relations in which the person is included”.

Media means social institutions that collect process and distribute information on a massive scale. The information transmitted must necessarily meet the public interest. Its distribution is an integral part of the mass spiritual communication of people, which arose at a certain stage of human development in addition to direct interpersonal communication.Television, radio and the press can be distinguished among the main mass media.

Another interesting fact is that at present the Internet has begun to refer to the media. The Internet has hundreds of different newspapers, radio and television channels, which have thus gained access to a global audience. In order to check the Latest Entertainment News, always check the official web portals.

Each of the listed media has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses

The specificity of the press, expressing its content through the written word, lies primarily in the greater analyticity of the texts than on radio and television. The process of reading itself implies a high degree of abstract thinking, active work of the imagination, intellectual tension. As a result, the interaction between the author and the reader becomes closer. Also, newspaper and magazine texts are convenient as a repository of informationthey can be returned for detailed study, they are compact, easy to copy, etc. Among the specialized publications on health can be noted such magazines as “Health”, “Schoolchildren’s Health”, “Medicine and Health”, “Planet of Health”, “Women’s Health” and others. Also, these publications are available on the Internet.

The various advantages of radio compared to television

The main advantages of radio are related to its greater, as compared with television, speed and availability and practically unlimited distribution, as well as technical simplicity and cheapness of the production process. However, it should be noted that with the development of scientific and technological progress, differences related to speed and availability are increasingly blurred. Expressive means of radio journalism  a live voice, noises, music  have a high potential of authenticity and figurativeness in the transmission of real events. Today, the radio is poorly involved in the dissemination of health information. Among the specialized radio programs dedicated to health and a healthy lifestyle, only the “Planet of Health” broadcast on Radio.

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